Locally Made Broilmaster

Broilmaster has been manufacturing Premium Gas Grills every year since 1966. The original G-1000 – though smaller than the grills we make today – featured the now-legendary bowtie burner fitted into a heavy-duty cast head with the trademarked rib pattern on the lid. Broilmaster’s unique grill head featured a deep bottom casting that allowed more uniform temperature across the cooking grid. Broilmaster soldiers on as one of the few gas grills still made in the USA. The brand is now owned by Empire Comfort Systems, which produces Broilmaster Premium Gas Grills in its plant in Belleville, Illinois.

Super Premium Series

Truly a legend among grill aficionados! The grill arrives with every stainless steel option already checked. The updated P3X Bowtie Burner generates 45,000 BTUs of searing heat.

Premium Series

Versatile grilling tailored to your cooking style! These grills each feature the legendary Bowtie Burner for exceptional heat distribution at any temperature setting.

H-Series Deluxe

Exceptional performance at a great price! Cast aluminum grill head outfitted with a two-piece single-level stainless steel cooking grid set and stainless steel H-style burner.

R-Series Infrared

The best of two great grilling technologies. The R3 Infrared Grill provides a broader temperature range (as low as 350 degrees) and control unmatched in other grills.

Custom Built-In Grills

In addition to their grill carts and posts, Broilmaster offers a stainless steel surround that lets you install any kind of grill and accessories into an island of your own design.

Qrave by Broilmaster

The most versatile and durable cooker known to man. Slow Cooking. Steaming. Smoking. Grilling. Everything you need to start cooking. All in one great Broilmaster grill!

Independence Grills

The INDEPENDENCE starts with a large grill head cast in ¼-inch thick aluminum, which heats quickly and evenly, and then helps you maintain a consistent temperature.

Side Burner and Shelf

High quality and versatile, stainless steel side burners and shelves enhance your outdoor cooking experience. They are the perfect addition to any great Broilmaster grill.