• A New Vision of Barbecue

    You will always get moist, flavorful BBQ cooking. However, the biggest bonus is time… Gateway Drum Smokers provide you time to enjoy you backyard party.

    Hot and fast cooking (with low and slow results) allows time for whatever it is you need or want to do.

    It allows more socializing time, which ultimately is what BBQ is all about.

Gateway Drum Smokers

Pioneering a new vision of barbecue, a Gateway Drum Smoker offers an innovative solution to overnight pit-tending by slashing long cooking hours, while simultaneously providing moister, more flavorful results in half the time. Manufactured in the USA, Gateway Drum Smokers possess fuel efficiency that is second to none. Plus, its user-friendly, light, and portable design adds a versatile edge to every cook. Designed for the revolutionary “hot and fast” approach, but crafted to embrace the traditional “low and slow” cooking method, you will serve up supreme performance on a backyard budget.