Quality Candles:
An Eternal Flame

With the benefits of light, heat, and overall ambience, we will always be drawn to the shapes, sights, sounds, and smells of candles. Find a variety of complex bouquets of subtle fragrances and sophisticated color palettes amongst the shelves from brands like Root, Tyler, Woodwick, and Illume. You will brighten a room and add an air of romance to your home with a candle from Terra.

Root Candles

Candles from Root are all handcrafted using complex bouquets, subtle fragrances, and sophisticated colors. Try Root tapers, jars, and votive candles!

Tyler Candles

Tyler’s focus is on fragrance. Tyler candles use the finest quality waxes and opulent fragrance oils to create the ultimate aroma. Come try Tyler candles!

This Candle Crackles

WoodWick & new RibbonWick candles are known for being made of soy wax and having an organic wood or ribbon wick to give you a candle that crackles as it burns.

All Natural Candles

Illume Candles are made of natural wax or food grade paraffin and have a cotton and paper-core wick. Terra has many different sizes and color styles available.

K. Hall Local Candles

These beautiful hobnail glass vase candles burn about 100 hours. The natural wax is hand poured with care in the USA. Cotton wick allows candle to burn clean.

Patented Flame Tech

After three years in product development, Luminara has created a collection of flame-replicating designer candles that are indistinguishable from traditional candles.

Park Hill Candles

These candles smell amazing and look great too! Willow wrapped glass is hand-poured with the finest essential oils blended with clean burning soy-based wax.

Tag Taper Candles

No need to look any further for your candlelight needs! Tag’s signature candles burn clean and for hours on end. You will find tea lights, classic pillar candles, and votives.

Candle and Fountain

Candlelight combined with the soothing sound of water! Bethlehem Lights AquaFlame is the wax candle that combines a flameless candle with a bubbling fountain.