Greeting Cards: There’s One for Every Ocassion

Say something and it may last a day. Write something and it can last forever. Connect in a special way by sending or giving a greeting card. You never know when a little personal card or written card can brighten a person’s day and put them on a better path. A need to connect permanently never goes out of style, especially with top brands like Avanti Press, Pictura, Portal, and Anna Griffin.

Upbeat and Offbeat

Avanti Press cards are unique and memorable. The design of the greeting cards include vibrant designs and fun verses to give the customer an upbeat and offbeat card.

Everyday Elegance

Pictura Greeting Cards are elegant in style and wording in an everyday card. These cards are sure to please everyone on your list. Stop into to Terra and pick some up today.

Fun and Funny Photos

A contemporary, photographic based brand of everyday occasion general caption cards. Portal Greeting Cards connect with consumers through humor and inspirational verse.

Anna Griffin Cards

Exquisite designs inspired by antique textiles and prints. The collection includes hundreds of beautifully styled products designed with luxurious patterns and florals.