• Our Jewelry… Something New, Unique, Special

    There’s something special about a unique piece or jewelery.

    It’s not just how much it costs or how big it is. It’s about something fun, different, or just plain memorable.

    Find the perfect accessory for yourself or gift for someone else. Come to Terra for all that glitters!

Jewelry: Fun and Stylish,
Something for Everyone

Why not skip the glass cases with expensive gems and the old man in the expensive suit behind the counter? Experience something much more fun and stylish by viewing our large assortment of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. We have charms from Beaucoup Jewelry as well as a new direction for Arthur Court with the introduction of aluminum jewelry, designed by Charlene Court. Come and browse the next time you are in Terra’s Des Peres store!

Charms Sure to Charm

The charms of Beaucoup Jewelry are made from pewter and have been custom plated. Add one or several charms to customize your necklace.

Arthur Court Jewelry

Arthur Court has been an explorer and designer for 6 decades. The introduction of aluminum jewelry is a new direction for Arthur Court.