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Kitchen Appliances:
Bye Bye White Plastic

It is time to take your kitchen to the next level with unique appliances you don’t just use, but truly love. Whether it is Keurig, Krups, De’Longhi, Bodum or Cuisinart, our great brands have stunning style and obvious beauty. But the mixers and coffee makers are also built to perform and designed to last. Give your kitchen a makeover without the mess with appliances from Terra. Bye bye white plastic, it’s time for something cooler!

Choose – Brew – Enjoy

Enjoy Keurig’s single cup coffee makers for the home and office! Brew a wide variety of gourmet coffee, tea and cocoa one cup at a time in under 60 seconds.

Not Any Cup of Joe

The Krups brand has lost nothing of its historic know-how and innovative strategies. Krups appliances are meticulously tested for the highest quality.

Beauty Everlasting

De’Longhi loves design and thrives on the beauty of their products, but the most beautiful product is worthless if it is not designed to last.

Make Taste, Not Waste

Bodum is a maker of coffe and tea brewers that specializes in French presses. If you’ve been looking for the perfectly sized press, now you have found it!

Innovative Appliances

The Cuisinart brand is not limited to food processors. There are also coffee makers and much more! Nobody covers the kitchen like Cuisinart.