• I Really Wish They Made “Something”
    that Could…

    Ever wanted a certain type of tool, gadget, or utensil? Something to make life in your kitchen and your home a little easier and a whole lot better? The search is over.

    We have just about everything under the sun to not only make cooking a little bit easier, but a whole lot more fun!

Tools + Gadgets:
Innovative Always

Whether it’s tool or a gadget for your home, it has a certain design that says “aha” and makes everyday living a little bit easier. Kitchen tools and gadgets can be made better or stronger. They will allow you to grip, hold, turn, open, close, eat, cook, clean, or something else just a bit quicker. And the best place to find these tools and kitchen gadgets is at Terra with OXO, Rosle, Outset, Anolon, and other top brands!

Hold on to These

OXO designs kitchen tools and gadgets that “you can hold on to”. These innovative products are designed to make everyday living a bit better and easier.

Become a Knife Master

Messermeister provides quality cutlery and culinary tools to both food-service professionals and home cooks. German and Japanese knife specialists.

Towels, Mats and More

Through hard work, innovation, and strategy, Kay Dee Designs has become one of the most recognized suppliers of unique, beautiful kitchen textiles!

Handcrafted Cutlery

Inspired by the blade-making traditions of ancient Japan, Shun artisans produce blades of unparalleled quality and exquisite sharpness.

How You Treat Meat

Legendary quality since 1962. Jaccard is best known for meat tenderizers and meat mallets. Now offering graters, knives, peelers, slices and other items.

Whip Up Some Fun

The iSi System of whippers and soda siphons, powered by their Austrian-manufactured gas chargers, allows you to achieve endlessly creative flavors.

Save, Store and More

Vacuvin maintians control of everything from idea to final product. Makers of vacuum storage and cooling products for food, wine and other beverages!

Measuring What’s Next

Contemporary design and unmatched accuracy. An Escali scale is recognized for precision measurement and smart styling as well as exceptional value.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Epicurean sets the standard for today’s well-equipped kitchen with premier cutting surfaces and essential utensils by developing an array of products.

Creating an Edge

Products that carry the Chef’sChoice name reflect a commitment to create the world’s best knife sharpeners, food slicers, waffle makers, etc.

Happy Cooking

With 60 years of experience in designing high-end tools and gadgets, it is easy to see how Zyliss has become a respected brand favoured by cooks.

Tools for Cooks

Have an eye for design? A passion for quality? Are you impressed by innovation? Every Cuisipro product is backed with a 25 year warranty!

Clever Products

Cooking is a blast but it’s not fun when you don’t have the right tools! Chefs Planet understands challenges and they live to solve problems.

Gourmet Gadgets

Casabella makes fabulously designed kitchen products you can feel good about. They pour their hearts into creating products that make life easier.

Inspired by Nature

Charles Viancin has created a collection of cooking products that are inspired directly by the beauty and clever complexity of nature. Cook easily and quickly.

Get a Grip on Things

Anolon utensils all have a soft, comfortable, suregrip handle with durable stainless steel shafts. Designed to withstand the elements of a busy kitchen.

Right from the Outset

Outset is a high end Bar-B-Que and barware product line. Terra carries a full range of Outset Bar-B-Que items to help make your grilling life a bit easier.

Quality Kitchen Utensils

Rosle uses high end stainless steel on their kitchen utensils, cooking tools and cookware gadgets. Terra offers can help you special order pieces.

A Greater Grater

Razor-sharp. Comfortable grips. Microplane graters create flakes of cheese to top salads and pastas, add zest to recipes, and top desserts with chocolate.